Aspir-Eze +

Aspir-Eze +

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Durvet : Arthrieze Plus 476gm

Arthri-Eze Plus equine granules contain microencapsulated buffered aspirin in a nutritious flavor base. Arthri-Eze aids in the temporary relief of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and soft tissue pain in horses.

- Microencapsulated to enhance palatability and for ease of administration by horse owner, buffered for safety
- Apple flavored
- Precise, effective dosage established through extensive clinical trials to determine aspirin’s most effective dose for arthritis
- Very effective - customers will see a difference within hours, even in chronic cases
- Tested safe for use in pregnant mares and very old horses
- Contains the most potent OTC drug that dealers are allowed to sell
- Can be used for chronic conditions, such as arthritis and lameness
- Can be used long-term without any side effects
- Can be used for acute conditions such as cuts, bruises, muscular pain, and inflammation
- Available in two convenient sizes: 700 gram tub = 4-week supply, or 2100 gram tub = 12 week supply
- Palatability testimonial published in EQUUS magazine

Dosage & Administration
Usual dose for arthritis, lameness and joint pain is one level scoop daily to adult horses. Each scoop is 17 grams (29cc) or approximately 2 slightly rounded tablespoons.

Aspirin, Rice hulls, anhydrous dextrose, molasses, calcium carbonate, soy oil, natural apple flavor

Guaranteed Analysis
Aspirin USP (acetylsalicylic acid) - 2500mg per 17 gram scoop

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