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Bye Bye Oder

Bye Bye Odor® is a natural non-toxic microbial solution especially formulated to substantially reduce or eliminate the ammonia levels from animal urine as well as manure odors. Bye Bye Odor consumes the organics causing the smell and the ammonia, unlike other products that simply soak up urine for removal or try to capture the ammonia vapors.
Horse owners love “barn smells.” Leather, shavings, liniment, hay, tack, that sweet horse smell … it is all part of barn life. Most people accept the smell of ammonia as just part of the deal. Eliminate that smell and you will come to appreciate all those “good” smells more and no longer be willing to tolerate the bad ones.
The inflammation caused by even low levels of ammonia from the breakdown of urine can impact a horse’s health and performance, even cause severe respiratory problems. Yet the danger of ammonia is under appreciated by most horse owners. It’s just that “stall smell” we’ve gotten use to.
Clean stalls as you normally do then spray a mist of Bye Bye Odor every day on the wet spots. It’s quick and easy. Around horses the most popular Bye Bye Odor is the concentrate that is diluted with water before use. Simply pour 4 oz into a clean 2-3 gallon garden-type pump up sprayer and add tap water.

Bye Bye Odor is Also Great For:

Stalls, Trailers, Pens, Saddle Blankets, Kennels, Dog Beds, Cages, Sweaty Laundry, Cat Litter Boxes, and More!

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