The Akhal - Teke Breed

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The Akhal-Teke horse is one of the most interesting and fascinating breeds; and their story is just as mesmerizing.  With less than 100 horses in the United States, this is quit-possibly the rarest breed in the world, as fewer than 2000 exist world-wide. There are only 200 of these horses in West Germany and 1400 in Russia.

Barrel Racing - Part Two

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Barrel Racing - Part Two: Training your horse

You must have a large enough area to set up your barrels, though it does not need to be regulation size for training.  Dirt is a much better surface because grass can get slippery, which is a danger for horse and rider.  Putting large tractor tires around the barrels is a good idea.

Barrel Racing - Part One

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Barrel Racing - Part One

Originally, barrel racing was invented for women so they could compete with each other in a fair, yet challenging event.  The 55 gallon Texas oil drums were used in a cloverleaf pattern with two left-turns and one right. With roping horses the ladies would see who could get through the course with the fastest time.

The Facts About Horse Breeds

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The facts about horse breeds #1
The Quarter Horse The number one horse breed from around the world is the Quarter Horse. There are over 3 million of these horses that are registered, according to The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). It is thought this breed became popular when the colonists brought their racehorses into the west. One of the most-loved sports during the early years of the United States were the one-quarter mile races, usually run through the streets of the local town or along the country lanes and paths. The race was called "Quarter Pathers."

Top Five lessons learned from the rodeo arena

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Top Five lessons learned from the rodeo arena.

Life typically has many ups and downs, challenges and successes, all requiring quick action and responses, and sometimes just holding firm and hanging on. If you've ever ridden a spirited horse in a rodeo arena, you will recognize the parallels between what life hits you with, and that short time period where you must think fast, stay calm and act confidently.