Painted Horse Breeds

Posted by Tracy Wright on 3/24/2014 to Latest News

Painted Horse Breeds.

In Spanish the word is pintado, which means painted - or if you're a cowboy, you'd simply call these horses, paint.  Another term used for these animals, because of their spots or partial coloring, is calico.  This breed is nearly identical to the American Quarter Horse, however the only difference is the color.  Many people are of the opinion that, because the Painted Horse is just like the Quarter Horse but with a splash of color, they are truly some of the most beautiful and exquisite horses in the world.

Canter Lead Problems

Posted by Tracy Wright on 3/11/2014 to Latest News
If your horse does not pick up the right lead, it isn't always due to poor training.  The right start for a correct lead begins each stride with the outside hind leg, ending with the inside foreleg.  At the riders cue a horse is encouraged into sequence, and should the lead be wrong, the rider will quickly recognize it.  A quick return to the trot usually fixes the problem by asking for the canter again.

Horseback Archery

Posted by Tracy Wright on 3/5/2014 to Latest News
Horseback Archery
Originally, Native Americans and Indigenous people from other territories developed mounted archery for hunting and also to fight the adversaries.  On the plains of the United States buffalo hunting was quit possibly the widest-recorded example of bow-hunting by mounted archers.  Extremely gifted equestrian skills are imperative for this sport, since a bow requires the rider to release the reins and use both hands to shoot accurately at great speeds.