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Barstow Half and Half Rigging
Please allow 10 to 12 weeks

Barstow Half and Half Rigging

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Barstow Half and Half Rigging - PRCA Approved
Designed for the rider who wants a little more "give" in his rigging. The Half and Half handle contains both rawhide and leather hence the name. The Half and Half rigging is recommended for beginning bareback riders. Half & Half handles may also be put on any body we make.

See "Measure Your Hand" to find out what size rigging you need.

You must indicate in the comment section when completing your order what brand of glove you use. The most accurate way to insure proper size is to mail us a tracing of your bare hand (see "Measure Your Hand").

PLEASE NOTE: All rawhide handholds take 12 - 16 weeks to complete. Each layer is individually hand-shaped and laminated and must be allowed to dry a certain amount of time to assure that your handhold is cured properly. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND - We try to keep between 60 and 100 handles in various stages of production at all times in different hand sizes to cut down on waiting period, but there are certain times of the year that orders are at such a high rate that we cannot fill your order immediately.
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