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Morinda Care Equine... Full potential and peak performance. That's what every horse owner wants, whether you're a competitive team roper or a casual weekend rider. Morinda Care Equine products deliver unique benefits to help support optimum vitality and performance.

Morinda Care may not ring familiar bells for horse owners yet, but it will when owners learn that the main ingredient of this powerful supplement is Tahitian noni, the exotic fruit scientifically known as “morinda citrifolia.” Noni was introduced to the equine world several years ago as Equine Essentials by Morinda Care’s related company, Tahitian Noni International. In November of last year, Morinda Care branched out on its own to offer three noni-based equine products, Equine Perform, Equine Maintain and Equine Brace, plus two similar products for dogs. The product itself is slightly different from its predecessor. Namely, it is more concentrated. “We doubled the concentration and cut the price in half,” explains Morinda Care marketing manager Bryan Powell. “Much of the price reduction was made possible by Morinda Care’s adoption of a direct sales method. The toughest part about marketing Morinda Care is that its benefits seem too good to be true. “If you try to tell people all of the things it does, people tend to immediately dismiss it because it seems unbelievable,” acknowledges Powell. One of noni’s earliest and skepticism. After experiencing the benefits of Tahitian noni herself, she asked her nutritionist about trying it on her horses. The nutritionist said the product was surely snake oil and discouraged her from using it on her champion racers. But, she did anyway. The effects were such that the originally skeptical nutritionist, Dr. Godee, became another influential convert to the power of the noni fruit in horses. Noni’s powerful ingredients work at the most basic level by strengthening the immune systems of humans, animals and plants. Stronger immune systems support the body’s ability to fight off the effects of environmental and physiological stress. Horses are better prepared for training, performing, transporting, dealing with digestive and respiratory challenges and more. Noni also supports more balanced behavior, better coats and helps with faster recovery from activity.

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