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Relentless All-Around Sport Boots
Relentless All-Around Sport Boots

Relentless All-Around Sport Boots

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Relentless All-Around Sport Boots

Relentless™ All-Around Sport boots are designed for competitors in any discipline who want the best leg protection for their horses.  This is a great looking boot, and the design features provide the ultimate in lower leg protection:

  • Sleek design contours the cannon bone and protects against impact and concussive injuries without bulk.
  • Suspensory strap wraps under the fetlock to provide critical lift and support for suspensory ligaments
  • Boot base is cut higher in front to match the natural curve of the horse’s leg, allowing full flex and extension while reducing bell boot interference.
  • ArenaSEAL boot design works in tandem with the suspensory strap, creating a seal that keeps arena dirt from accumulating up inside the boot.  This is the only boot on the market with this feature.
  • Extensive line of colors to complement any professional color palette.
  • Available in Sport Boot Value Pack (Front/Hind Combo)

COLORS:  black, white, red, royal chocolate, lime, pink, purple, turquoise

SIZES:  S, M, L (Small available only in black, white, red, royal, chocolate)

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