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The facts about horse breeds #1
The Quarter Horse The number one horse breed from around the world is the Quarter Horse. There are over 3 million of these horses that are registered, according to The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). It is thought this breed became popular when the colonists brought their racehorses into the west. One of the most-loved sports during the early years of the United States were the one-quarter mile races, usually run through the streets of the local town or along the country lanes and paths. The race was called "Quarter Pathers." The colonists bred Arab, Barb and Turk horses and other breeds with English mares to produce the compact, muscular horses needed that were fast, and could win in the quarter mile. As time went on, and more people expanded west, the Quarter Horse was brought along and used in the development of the country by ranchers, homesteaders and everyday town folk. With the harsh conditions, they had a need for an intelligent, strong and easily adaptable horse. This, along with their "cow sense" made Quarter Horses the perfect working-partners for cowboys -- even a “cowboy mystique” grew around them. As the breed was improved-upon over the years by ranchers, through choosing the best animals and carefully breeding them, the Quarter Horse grew in popularity, and in fact, became the most sought-after breed as they are today. Various other breeds also contributed to the evolution of the Quarter Horse, and therefore, unique types and appearances were created for different purposes. Some of the historical sires have included King, Top Deck, Easy Jet, and Go Man Go, to name a few. Considered a stock-type horse, the Quarter Horse has a substantial hindquarters and muscular forearm that provides the powerful athletic strength and speed necessary. Today, they are used for roping, cattle ranching, trail riding, hunting, jumping, and competition, and any event, which requires speed and agility. Some of the colors recognized by the AQHA are Red Doan, Palomino, Black, Red Dun, Sorrel, Grullo, Brown, Perlino, Bay, Chestnut, Gray, Buckskin, Blue Roan and White.

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