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Top Five lessons learned from the rodeo arena.

 Life typically has many ups and downs, challenges and successes, all requiring quick action and responses, and sometimes just holding firm and hanging on. If you've ever ridden a spirited horse in a rodeo arena, you will recognize the parallels between what life hits you with, and that short time period where you must think fast, stay calm and act confidently. The rodeo experience can help you get in-line with the difficulties of life by using some of the lessons-learned and applying them in fast-mode. It is an interesting comparison, maybe a little obvious, but worthwhile to explore. Let's look at the Top Five lessons that can be extracted from your arena experience and apply them to what life brings.
      1) Meeting something bigger than your self, head-on, with courage and bravery, and the willpower to stand. You will or you won't, you can or you can't... you're where you are for a reason -- doing what you're doing -- so never give up.
     2) Be willing to step out and try, leave the chute behind and the safety it gives, so you can reach for the WIN. It's a sure bet, if you don't move away from the safe harbor, there's no way you'll win the prize.
     3) Get past the walls and barriers that you hold on to -- and then just GO FOR IT! When the way is clear, take it to the limit and give it all you have.
     4) Stay in the rhythm with patience and determination, and just let it roll. Life is like this, there's a natural harmony, in-sync, in the groove, and when you're there you can feel it.
     5) Never identify with the losses, as everyone gets bucked off sometimes, just get up again and ride. Learn from it, and apply the lessons to make yourself better at whatever you do, whether riding in a rodeo arena or reaching for your life-long dream. Now get out there, get on your horse and be the best rodeo arena rider you can be. It’s all about how you see yourself. Just let it shine!



Date 2/3/2014

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